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    Cycle counters

    Does anybody knows of a function or a link where I can find a function that will give me the time in milliseconds for an interval of time...???

    I would really appreciate it,


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    You can use gettimeofday(). Call it once before, and once after the event you're trying to time. Then just take the difference of the times and blamo, you've got it.
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    you can use this one
    here the computer waits for 1000 nano seconds as mentioned in brackets
    what sort of program do u want to do??
    is that a sort of stop watch??

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    the function "clock" will give you some sort of "fraction of a second" time, it may not be milliseconds, but it's the most portable "short time" function. Include "time.h" and use "CLOCKS_PER_SEC" to figure out what the time is (use float/double to mace it fractions of a second). Also use "clock_t" as the type for the result of the function.

    If that's not precise enough, QueryPerformanceCounter/QueryPerformanceCounterFrequency is a Windows function set that will give you around 1 us or better resolution.

    gettimeofday() on Linux will be pretty good too.

    Or "rdtsc", which is an assembler instruction to read the number of clock-cycles as a 64-bit number in EAX/EDX (assuming x86 processor of course).

    I'd try "clock()" first, then work down the list as/if needed.


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