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    Angry Crazy Characters?!

    I am fairly new to C but I recently made an encryption encoding's not very complex....uses a pattern of multiplying and XORing with a key to form the encryption....but..

    The program works fine when I copy from DOS, run the decrypt program I made, and paste...but when I copy from DOS and e-mail the encrypted code to myself, then copy that and try to decrypt it, it becomes all messed up because of different character sets. Is there anyway or is there a character set I have that when I paste into Windows, the characters will be identical to the DOS characters? Or should I just try to find a way to limit what ASCII characters the encrypted text will contain?


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    Im not sure I understand the question. But I do know that you cannot send binary data trough email. Thats why MIME/UUE and all that stuff was invented. If you want to send binary data through email you will have to send it as an attachment and let the email program your using deal with it, or MIME/UUE it yourself

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    I think that if you treat your data just as bytes and not as a character, the encryption and decryption should go correct. Since a byte is a byte, whatever character set you are using.

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