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    Lightbulb How hard would it be to make this

    How hard would it be to make a program in Which it hits the #1 key everytime a noise is made example, winamp playing a song or windows media player playing a song, in which it will still hit the#1 key even when speakers are muted. and having a 20 second pause in between the keystroke.

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    Very, very hard, unless you have an understanding of hooks and how to monitor the sound device blah blah blah.

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    I agree, very difficult.

    Actually the program logic itself is simple. It's the details that bite you in the arse. And I suspect this would be platform specific, unless you use a 3rd party library to interface with sound card. Also you would need a thread (I think) to monitor...

    But this is way beyond my level...

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    Download an open-source audio recorder (Audacity) and find out how they do that.
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