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    How do I remove a line of text in a text file pointed to by a FILE pointer without removing any other text.

    i,ve got.

    FILE f_ptr;

    fseek(f_ptr,0,SEEK_SET); /* file beginning */

    /* need to remove line of text here and move all subsequent lines up by a line or write to this removed line space later in prog */

    thx for the help.

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    Depends what you are reading is it an array of strings or structure post the remainder of your code so we can see.
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    if you wanna remove a line of text first of all declare file like this

    FILE *fileptr = fopen("file.txt","r+");/* Allows you to read and write to a file.*/
    Then find the start of the line you want and do want you want to do.

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    Or try this psuedocode:

    for(...Iteration... )
    { fgets(Array,Size,FILE* ); }

    //close file

    //...declare another array...copy selectively... //
    for(...Iteration... )
    { ...Print New Array... }
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