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    String problem

    I have an int variable that contains an hex number like this 084c2365. And I want to convert the first byte(65) into a decimal number (101).

    char c[100];
    int num;    //Num has the value 084c2365
    int result;
    c[0]=(char)num;  //c[0] gets the value from the firts byte (65)
    sscanf(c[0], "%x", &result);
    But I get an error at compilation the says that the 1st argument from sscanf is not an "const char *".

    How can i fix this??

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    c[0] is a char.

    initialize your variables.

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    int num = 0x084c2365;
    int result = num & 0xFF;
    printf("%d", result);
    decimal or hexdecimal - is just representetion during output - internally - it is the same number stored as binary, no need to convert
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    Thanks, but does it matter if I have my num variable as an uint32_t and I just have the 84c2365 number without the 0x notation?

    So will
    int result = num & 0xFF;
    make the conversion from hex to decimal??

    Sorry I am a junior and I need to learn a lot.

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    If you have 10 apples or 0x0A apples or 012 apples, how many apples do you have?

    The whole idea of 'base' is just a presentation issue, so whether you say 10, 012 or 0xA doesn't matter, the underlying number is still the same.

    Hex is just convenient since 2 hex digits fit exactly in one 8-bit byte, so from that point of view, it's a bit easier to imagine what is going on when you say
    int result = num & 0xFF;
    rather than
    int result = num & 255;
    But the result is exactly the same as far as the machine is concerned.

    Likewise, octal was great on certain historic machines which had say 6-bits or 9-bits per byte.
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