Thread: [newb] how to use threads with sockets ?

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    [newb] how to use threads with sockets ?

    [Newb alert]
    i wish to start a server that will allow multipile connections at once at first i thout about forking but then i realized that it will consume alot of resorses.

    so i started googling about threads and i thout that it is wiser to use threads for this condition .
    as from example on socket for linux tutorial

    while (1)
       newsockfd = accept(sockfd,
                   (struct sockaddr *) &cli_addr, &clilen);
       if (newsockfd < 0)
         error("ERROR on accept");
       pid = fork();
       if (pid < 0)
         error("ERROR on fork");
       if (pid === 0)
     } /* end of while */
    what will be the apropreate code with treads ?

    my server will get a string from a uniqe client accses a database retrive a aporeate data from database
    start sevral function on this data
    and return an answer to the client
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    Page four of the following PDF has a short introduction on threading a server:

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