Thread: how to pass ./configure parameters to header files

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    how to pass ./configure parameters to header files

    Hello, everyone
    I'm stuck with autoconf. When user executes, for example ./configure --sysconf=/home/usr, I get a construct @sysconfdir@ replaced by /home/usr in the Makefile. Fine until then. Now, how could I let my program know about that '/home/usr' path (so, it knows where to look for its config file)?

    Currently I'm doing it with this target defined in a Makefile:

            echo "#define CONFIG_FILE \"${sysconfdir}/myproject.conf\"" >> config.h
    I'm wondering if there is a cleaner way to do it.
    Thanks in advance

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    And what is wrong with your current solution? [Although I personally prefer when the application has a default locatin (or set thereof, including $home), and then an environment variable that, if present, takes precedence over other rules]


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