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    Question programming assignment need advice!!!

    i need to develop a multithreaded M3 program in C or C++ by using POSIX threads(pthreads) library to statistically analyze a set of data by computing its minimum value, maximum value and the mean of the population.

    You may create the data set by hard coding the running sequence numbers
    e.g. 1, 2, 3 . 8000

    The size of the data set in this assignment is 8000.

    You will write a multithreaded program to compute the M3 i.e. Minimum, Maximum and Mean by using 8 worker threads

    Each of the worker thread will update computed sum, minimum and maximum marks for the assigned partitions of 1000s. You need to handle sharing of global data carefully in order to avoid any race condition.

    Once all the worker threads have completed their assigned work, the master thread will compute the mean value of the population and report the computed M3 i.e. Minimum, Maximum and Mean.

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    Ok, so the policy of this board is to "not do homeework/assignments".

    At the same time, we are happy to help with individual problems of a PART of a assignment.

    But you are not asking some detailed questions about your assigmment, rather just posting what looks like the assignment specificatin (or part thereof).

    Perhaps you'd get SOME help if you post a specific question? Don't understand any of your assignment, or is there a particular point that you want to have advice on?


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    So, you need to ask yourself, how will the worker threads communicate to the master thread that they're done? The rest is laid out for you in the assignment's description, right?
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