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    Pointers and structures

    I have a problem when I try to allocate some memory for my structrure.

    #define BUFSIZE		100
    typedef struct hash_t{
    		char 			*buffer[50];
    		unsigned int		*t_index;
    HASH_T	*phtable[BUFSIZE];
    if ((phtable = ((struct hash_t *) malloc(sizeof (struct hash_t)*100))) == NULL)
    			printf("Allocation error");
    At compilation I get:"Operands of = have incompatible types 'struct hash_t * [100]' and 'struct hash_t *'." " Lvalue required".

    Thank you

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    You're taking an array and trying to assign it something. If you want to dynamically allocate a block of memory and treat it like an array, then you use a pointer.

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    You have declared a two dimensional array of structures:

    HASH_T *phtable[BUFSIZE];

    i,e; pointer phtable points to the first element of BUFSIZE no. of structures of type hash_t...

    so you ned to allocate memory for each element..

    since phtable is a pointer to the two dimensional needs the array index([]),
    thats why the compiler is throwing the error : " Lvalue required".

    try this out
            for( count = 0 ; count < BUFSIZE ; ++count) {
                if ((phtable[count] = ((struct hash_t *) malloc(sizeof (struct hash_t)*1))) == NULL)
    			printf("Allocation error");
    This might resolve the problem...

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    you do not need to cast malloc in C - see FAQ
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