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    about fgets

    If i am reading from a text file using fgets, and at the end of the text there is a "\n" what options am i left with if fgets treminates at the "\n" to find the next bit of text.

    is there a way to adjust the file pointer to get me to the next line/begining of text?

    or does it go there automatically as it is a new line?

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    Just call fgets() in a loop.
    while ( fgets( buff, sizeof buff, fp ) != NULL )
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    It's there automatically.

    char szBuffer[BUFSIZ];
    FILE fIn;
    ... /* Assume fIn is initialized and pointing to a valid file for reading. */
    fgets(szBuffer, sizeof(szBuffer), fIn);
    Now depending on the data in the file, the following could occur:

    • A '\n' will be the last character read from the file and stored in szBuffer (not counting a '\0', which is automatically appended by fgets())
    • The line length will be greater than the size of the buffer, so no '\n' will be stored, and only the first part of the line that can fit inside the buffer will be stored.
    • Something went wrong with reading (perhaps the end of the file was reached), and fgets() will return NULL. You could then figure out why it returned NULL with usage of feof(), ferror(), and such.

    In the first case, the next call to fgets() will start on the next line. Similarly, in the second case, fgets() will begin right where it left off, which was somewhere in the middle of the line. In the last case, you should not call fgets() again for that file unless you know what you're doing.

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    Cheers guys, thats what I needed to know

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