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    Exclamation Really basic string traversal


    I seem to have forgotten how to traverse a string of unknown size using a char pointer.


    char *argv[MAX_TOKENS];

    What I thought I should do is make a char pointer
    char *ptr;
    ptr = argv;
    while (ptr){ do something; ptr++; }
    but this will not advance the pointer. What did I forget?

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    I wouldn't name it argv because that's generally used as the name of one of the parameters to main(), but it's legal, so it's up to you.

    Unless your array has a NULL pointer at the end, then your idea of traversing through the array that way is a bad one. You need some way to determine the end, so either it's NULL terminated, or you keep track of the length of the array, or you have some other means of knowing the length.

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    Rest of the code

    argv[i++] = strtok(cmd, " \t\n");
       while (i < MAX_TOKENS && (argv[i++] = strtok(NULL, " \t\n")) != NULL);

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    If you want to pass argv[] as a parameter to execv() or something similar, or indeed even if you just want to be able to traverse the array with a pointer, set a NULL pointer at the end as MacGyver suggested.
    argv[i++] = strtok(cmd, " \t\n");
       while (i < MAX_TOKENS-1 && (argv[i++] = strtok(NULL, " \t\n")) != NULL);
       argv[i] = NULL;
    Then you could use something like this.
    char *ptr = argv[0];
    while(ptr) {
        ptr ++;

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