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    Include Compile Info

    I've written a program that is currently going through changes fairly often. I need a way to verify that that application being used is my latest (and hopefully greatest) version.

    I've tried adding a #define REV statement that I increment with each compile, but I start punching out code, hit the compile button, to some testing find something that needs changing and ultimately forget to increment my REV define. So, I often end up with two versions that both report the same version level.

    I would like to have the compiler grab the systems date/time when I compile my application, and then be able to access this information within my application.
    (I really don't care if date/time are used. I just need a unique identifior that is created when the program is compiled and doesn't rely on me remembering to update a number)

    Is there anyway to do this using the standard C library?

    FYI - I've written the application in LabWindows (CVI) and according to National Instruments there is no tool in LabWindows inferface that will do this.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Are you using any kind of version control, like RCS, CVS, Subversion ?

    How about this, which tells you when it was compiled
    char built_on[] = __DATE__ " " __TIME__;
    int main ( ) {
        printf("&#37;s\n", built_on );
        return 0;
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