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    quick pointer question

    ok so I'm refreshing myself on pointers real quick, I thought I could directly pass the address of a variable to a function and not have to pass it a pointer, am I wrong? But the only way I've gotten this file to work is passing a ptr instead of the address of units. So can it be done without the additional pointer declared in main? (and yes I'm trying to do it without an external variable)

    #include <stdio.h>
    // int units = 0;
    void critic(int *g);
    int main(void)
    	int units = 0;
    	int *ptr;
    	ptr = &units;
    	printf("How many pounds to a firkin of butter?\n");
    	scanf("&#37;d", &units);
    	while(units != 56)
    	printf("You must have looked it up!\n");
    	return 0;
    void critic(int *g)
    	printf("No luck, chummy. Try again.\n");
    	scanf("%d", *g);

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    pass &units instead of ptr, get rid of ptr. Then in critic make that g instead of *g in scanf

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    doh! right because it's a pointer it's already an address, thanks

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    Correct. I think some people are sometimes thrown off by the fact that a pointer is really an address. Therefore when a function requires a pointer, you don't need to actually declare a pointer variable in the calling function necessarily. Sometimes the address of a "normal" variable will do just fine. It's a case of needing to RTM, or equiv. documentation for the function and what it expects.

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