Thread: Problem with reading files

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    Problem with reading files

    Hi all,

    I wrote a program in linux which parsed the headers of some data files I have. Now, I've tried to port it to windows, and everything seems to work except I can't seem to actually read the data! The data is in ASCII format, very simple text files. Why is this failing? This is my code:

    int parseFile (char fileName[100], FILE *out)
     int loc=1;	      //loc is the location of the curser in the string
     char dat[200];
     char str[RESULT_LENGTH];
    FILE *inp;
    inp = fopen(fileName, "r");
    if (inp==NULL)
    	printf("Could not open %s for reading.\n", fileName);
    	return 0;
    //get 'arg'th line of data and parse it into data.csv
    fgets(dat, sizeof(dat), inp);
    fprintf(out, "%s,", str);			//print filename
    loc=loc+getinp(str,'\'',dat,loc);	//search to date
    loc=loc+getinp(str,'\'',dat,loc);	//print date
    fprintf(out, "%s,", str);
    it goes on for a while like that, but why does it suddenly not work?

    If I instead just use fgets and then print the resulting string, I get ASCII garbage. . .

    Thanks a bunch,

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    Are you checking the return result of fgets() ?

    Does this loop print your file successfully?
    while ( fgets( buff, sizeof buff, inp ) != NULL ) fputs( buff, stdout );

    What does getinp() do?
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    hmm, yes that loop does successfully print the file. So, now I have a starting point, I'll keep looking at it. Thanks! I'll repost if I am still stuck

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    Well, I've found that whenever my program executes a line with fprintf, nothing is written.
    The fopen command works, but nothing is written to the file. When I finish the program, and try to open the file, it says "unable to read file". . . (but the file is not empty).

    Why won't fprintf work?
    (btw, the FILE pointer is not null)

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