Thread: C programming invoke putty/plink

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    C programming invoke putty/plink

    I am trying to write a program (C language on windows) that logs into different Unix servers (HP and Solaris) and invokes shell scripts there.

    The program basically reads server details (IP (server), user id and password) from a CSV file and invokes shell scripts in the respective servers


    1. Call putty/plink from my program and pass values (server details such as ip, user id, password etc..) to putty/plink (have to use putty because the protocol used is ssh)

    2. Get the error code in case of errors during the connection.

    Is my approach appropriate?
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    Why not use a ssh library for the connections vs putty? It seems like calling and minuplating putty would be more difficult.

    Of course, i have never done ssh comm so......

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    Isn't this almost exactly like another thread here? Can't those two threads be merged?


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