Hi all,

I've mostly programmed in MATLAB and now I need to switch over to C and do the same type of computations, ie linear algebra type operations. I am using Windows XP and I downloaded cygwin and I made sure to have it include BLAS and LAPACK. I have very little experience in C, and I am not sure if I have installed these features properly and how to use them.

Some specific and basic questions that I have are:

Do I get everything that I need to do MATLAB type work by downloading the "full" version of cygwin? Or do I need to download more packages from netlib/elsewhere?

Also, do I need to make sure that I have a Fortran compiler as well? Does the Fortran compiler come with cygwin?

Can I just write my code in C and compile as usual or do I need to take special steps since I'm using BLAS and LAPACK?

Much appreciated!