Thread: I think my compiler hates me

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    I think my compiler hates me

    This is starting to happen more and more as the example programs get more and more involved with my skill level BUT.... here my problem

    I come across example code freequently as you do, now im talking whole program code but when i put it into my complier it either comes up with a trillion errors weather there sytntax or linker errors?

    I'm using Dev C++ 4 but anyway heres an example of some code I tryed to get to work just now... sorry it's a bit big

    #include <GL/gl.h>
    #include <GL/glut.h>
    void display(void)
    /*  clear all pixels  */
        glClear (GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT);
    /*  draw white polygon (rectangle) with corners at
     *  (0.25, 0.25, 0.0) and (0.75, 0.75, 0.0)  
        glColor3f (1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
            glVertex3f (0.25, 0.25, 0.0);
            glVertex3f (0.75, 0.25, 0.0);
            glVertex3f (0.75, 0.75, 0.0);
            glVertex3f (0.25, 0.75, 0.0);
    /*  don't wait!  
     *  start processing buffered OpenGL routines 
        glFlush ();
    void init (void) 
    /*  select clearing (background) color       */
        glClearColor (0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
    /*  initialize viewing values  */
        glOrtho(0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0, -1.0, 1.0);
     *  Declare initial window size, position, and display mode
     *  (single buffer and RGBA).  Open window with "hello"
     *  in its title bar.  Call initialization routines.
     *  Register callback function to display graphics.
     *  Enter main loop and process events.
    int main(int argc, char** argv)
        glutInit(&argc, argv);
        glutInitDisplayMode (GLUT_SINGLE | GLUT_RGB);
        glutInitWindowSize (250, 250); 
        glutInitWindowPosition (100, 100);
        glutCreateWindow ("hello");
        init ();
        return 0;   /* ISO C requires main to return int. */
    And it returns about 30 of these errors:

    C:\DEV-C_~1\Include\GL\gl.h:1135: syntax error before `void'
    warning: data definition has no type or storage class

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    Your error comes from the included files so there might be something wrong with your installation.

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    Given that all of the functions in GL/gl.h are prefixed with GLAPI:
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glClearIndex( GLfloat c );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glClearColor( GLclampf red, GLclampf green, GLclampf blue, GLclampf alpha );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glClear( GLbitfield mask );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glIndexMask( GLuint mask );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glColorMask( GLboolean red, GLboolean green, GLboolean blue, GLboolean alpha );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glAlphaFunc( GLenum func, GLclampf ref );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glBlendFunc( GLenum sfactor, GLenum dfactor );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glLogicOp( GLenum opcode );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glCullFace( GLenum mode );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glFrontFace( GLenum mode );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glPointSize( GLfloat size );
    GLAPI void APIENTRY glLineWidth( GLfloat width );
    /* ... */
    I'd guess that GLAPI is not defined for some reason. Here's where GLAPI is defined (in the same header file):
    /* GLAPI, part 1 (use WINGDIAPI, if defined) */
    #if defined(__WIN32__) && defined(WINGDIAPI)
    #  define GLAPI WINGDIAPI
    /* GLAPI, part 2 */
    #if !defined(GLAPI)
    #  if defined(_MSC_VER)                        /* Microsoft Visual C++ */
    #    define GLAPI __declspec(dllimport)
    #  elif defined(__LCC__) && defined(__WIN32__) /* LCC-Win32 */
    #    define GLAPI __stdcall
    #  else                                        /* Others (e.g. MinGW, Cygwin, non-win32) */
    #    define GLAPI extern
    #  endif
    You could try defining GLAPI yourself, according to what it should be for your compiler, before you #include GL/gl.h. It might work, I don't know.

    (Note that your header files might be different.)

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    The code in the first post compiles just fine for me. I don't see the issue. It produces a solid white quad. You might want to drop Dev-C++ 4 and go with version 5 even if it is a beta - it'll have never versions of everything. Or you could just compile it like I did - command-line.

    gcc test.c -o test.exe -lglut32 -lopengl32 -lglu32 -Wall
    Only complaint was my fault - no newline.

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    Iv'e nailed it down to an installation problem because when i try to run this:

    #include <gl/glut.h>
    int main(){}
    it yells at me still.
    I downloaded the files and put them in the appropriote directories (sorry spelling) like lib files in the lib folder and .h in the include/gl folder but is there more i have to do for the installation because iv'e found a few docs on the net saying that with VC you have to set it up from within the program... i dont know i'm more then lost here and i have no clue why it's not working for me.
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