Thread: Static variables + Initialisation

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    Static variables + Initialisation

    I felt I was a bit grey in this aspect and I found this :

    He says,
    "static' can also be defined within a function. If this is done, the variable is initalised at compilation time and retains its value between calls. Because it is initialsed at compilation time, the initalistation value must be a constant. "

    I just tried out a simple code where I didnt initialise the static variable. I was expecting some warning to be displayed when I compiled it with the -Wall option. Instead the static variable was initialised to 0.
    Can anyone shed some light on this.

    Here's the code :

     # include<stdio.h>
    int func()
            static int i;
            return (i);
    int main()
            int count=0;
            while(count < 5) {
                    printf(" count :%d, func = %u\n",count,func());
            return 0;
    And the output :

     count :0, func = 1
     count :1, func = 2
     count :2, func = 3
     count :3, func = 4
     count :4, func = 5
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    In the absence of an initialiser, zero will be used instead.
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    OK! Thanks for the clarification.
    In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity

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