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    random number problems

    ok, I feel like what I'm missing is something simple but i"m not seeing it, I'm trying to write a program that generates a random number between 1 and 2 and do that x number of times where x is the input from the user. The way this works is it keeps printing the same number over and over. Like if it's 2 then it shows that 2 is generated each time.

    int twoside(void)
      int i, n;
      n = 0;
      i = (rand() % (2) + 1);
        printf("The number rolled is: %d\n", i);
      }while (n < num); // num is user input for number of times the number is generated.
      return i;

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    Call srand() just once, not every iteration through the loop.

    Edit: When I say just once, it should be just once in the entire program, not just in the function, since time_t typically has 1 second resolution (not guaranteed though) so if you had srand() in the function, and called the function more than once in a second, you would get the same sequence of values in the successive function calls.
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    int GetRandomValues(int nTimes, int low, int high)
                  int i = 0;
                  int randomNumber = 0;
                  int width = high - low + 1;
                  if(width < 0)
                           width = -width;
                  //Initialise generator.
                  for(i = 0; i < nTimes; randomNumber = (rand() % width) + low, printf("Random Number Generated: %d\n", randomNumber), i++);
                  if(i == nTimes)
                       return 0;
                      printf("Error in loop.\n");
                      return -1;
            printf("Please insure that we have a non zero number of times.\n");
            return -2;
    The above code generates nTimes the numbers you want. Check it and make one for yourself. If you encounted any problems tell us.

    In main() call the fucntion like that:

    GetRandomValues(10, 1,2);

    Happy Codings.

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    It looks like your num is a global variable. Avoid using global, they are not good. Send them as a paramter which makes it more neater.


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