Thread: Expert needed: fatal error C1067

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    Expert needed: fatal error C1067

    When i attempt to complie, obtain the following error
    fatal error C1067: compiler limit : debug information module size exceeded

    I have done my reasearch on the net, and found 2 solutions. The first is to use #pragma component(mintypeinfo, on/off). The other is to breakdown my structures.

    The structure breakdown is not an option since it is generated by a pre-compiler and i have absolutly no power over that. So i tempted to isolate exactly what structure is causing the problem by using a very wide pragma range and trying to move get more precise. At first i used the pragma over my entire code and still got compilation error.

    Now im starting to wonder if it wouldn't be caused by something else... is it possible? if so what is the solution.

    My module is fairly lage, but simple, 1 .c file and 17 .h for a total of about 20k lines of code.

    Dont blame me for the design, it was done and coded by someone else but im stuck having to make it work. :-(

    Any Help is appreciated

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    does it work when you compile for non-debug?

    (fyi: this is about the only suggestion I personally can make... don't know too much about this stuff)

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    Yes it does

    Gives me a few warnings, but i beleive that they are not related to this issue.

    I dont know if it is needed to be built as debug for the final release, i will have to check with the systems architect. If it does need to be built in debug i will have to find a creative way to solve this issue

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    The simple answer is to tellthem it cant be built as a debug project. You cant make a hammer be a chainsaw, or vice versa. If it compiles fine under release, then Id say thats what you give them. I cant think of any legitimate reason why the customer would need the debug version.

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