Thread: problem with initializing a variable

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    problem with initializing a variable


    I'm coding a plugin for Wireshark. I want to use a global variable for doing some stuff which refers to all packets.

    static guint32 i = 0
    For testing I print i each time i get a packet and increment it after printing. That works fine, but my problem is, that at the first time I print i, it has the value 198 instead of 0.

    I also tried other data types like gint, int.

    Can somebody help me how to inialize i in a way, that is really zero.

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    You are describing a problem and jumping to a conclusion.

    The problem is that your variable is changing value against your expectations, and the conclusion is that the assignment is not working. This conclusion is probably quite faulty and the result as to why you are unable to fix it.

    The root of the problem most likely lies elsewhere. Either you are changing the number or some other function is changing it without your knowledge. Without seeing code it's pretty much impossible for us to tell you what the problem is, and as such, how to remedy it.

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    or maybe some memory overrun
    have you tried to print the i in the DLLMain or something - ie before any real processing is done - just on the attach event of the plug-in?
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    Im not the king of C, but in java (Eclipse environnement), there is a way to run in debug and break on value change. If that is possible in your environnement, it would allow you to identify where you i is modified. Not sure it will work if the problem is due to a memory leak though

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