Thread: Weird bug ?

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    Weird bug ?

    I made a progam to calculate the surface of a cirkel. But when i open it, and a give the dia meter and press enter, the progam close. This is the code;
    #include <stdio.h>
    #define PI 3.14
    int main()
    int diameter;
    double straal;
    double oppervlakte;
    printf("Geef de diameter van de cirkel:\t");
    scanf("&#37;d", &diameter);
    straal = diameter / 2;
    oppervlakte = PI * (straal * straal);
    printf(" De oppervlakte is \t%d", oppervlakte);
    return 0;
    (don't look at the dutch words)
    Do you know a solution?

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    1. diameter / 2 uses integer division - I don't think you want it
    2. printf(" De oppervlakte is \t&#37;d", oppervlakte);

    oppervlakte is double - suitable format for printf is %f

    3. See the FAQ why the Window of the program will close on exit and how to prevent it - for example run it from the command prompt
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    A little bit of indenting wouldn't hurt either

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    Surely you can find a more accurate value for pi. From memory, pi is 3.14159265358979. Even typing "pi" into google gives you 3.14159265.

    And if you want lots of digits, go here:

    Note that over fifteen or twenty digits is overkill because that's what a double is accurate to.

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