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    reading from a file

    ive made a simple program to read the number of characters entered from the standard input.

    i was wondering if someone could help me tweak the program to read from a file instead of from the standard input.

    help plz!

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #define MAX_CHARS 20
    int GetStr(char string[], int maxLen);
    int main(void)
    	int stringLength;
    	char string[MAX_CHARS + 1] = {'\0'}; 
    	printf("Please enter a string:\n");
    	stringLength = GetStr(string, MAX_CHARS);
    	printf("Length of string is: %d\t",stringLength);
    //	GetStr Function definition	
    //	This function reads a series of characters from the user until 
    //	MAX_CHARS is reached.
    int GetStr(char string[], int maxLen) 
    	int i;
    			if((string[i]=='\n') || (string[i]==EOF))

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    I would either redirect the program at the command line so stdin would be the file of your choice for input, or else I would rewrite GetStr() to take a FILE * and perform an fgetc() instead of a getchar(). Obviously the fgetc() could act on the file in question. Opening the file and such should be done in main().

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