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    Wink Recursive Swapping

    I'm writing a recursive program that accepts an input and prints out all n! permutations of the n letters starting at "a". A permutation of n elements is one of the n! possible orderings of the elements.

    meaning i need to have a sample output like ....

    bca cba cab acb bac abc

    if i enter n=3....

    could anyone help me out on what keywords i should u use ?
    I'm thiniking of doin it wit a resursive program and array swapping ....

    Thanks .... :P

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    a + all permutations of "bc"
    b + all permutations of "ac"
    c + all permutations of "ab"

    The first one them becomes
    b + all permutations of "c"
    c + all permutations of "b"

    All permutations of a single letter are the trivial answer which stops the recursion.
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