Thread: Dynamically allocating 2D arrays within a function

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    Dynamically allocating 2D arrays within a function

    I'm trying to dynamically allocate a 2D array within a function. I have the code working perfectly if I do the allocation in main. It compiles fine within the function but when I run the code I get the error "program has exited due to signal 10 (SIGBUS)" when i try to run it through xcode and I get "bus error" when I compile it through gcc and try to run it.

    void CreateData(int numDataPts, int numClusters, int Length_data, Node** head, double*** centers)
    	int i,j;
    	//Dynamically Create 2D arrays to hold Cluster Centers
    	*centers = (double**)malloc(sizeof(double)*numClusters);
    	for(i=0; i<numClusters; i++)
    		*centers[i] = (double*)malloc(sizeof(double)*Length_data);	//This line is where the error occurs
    	//Randomly initialize centers
    	for(i=0; i<numClusters; i++)
    		for(j=0; j<Length_data; j++)
    note: centers is declared as
    double** centers;
    and the function call is
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    probably (*centers)[i]
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    that was it, thanks

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