Thread: Branching?

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    Hey how do you branch stuff off?

    like say you had an update clock function and wanted to do scanf at the same time
             /  \
            /    \
      Scanf   Clock (updated on screen)
            \      if clock = 100, then continue
             \    /
              \  /
    Multithreading, I think it is...

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    Re: Branching?

    Originally posted by Brian
    Multithreading, I think it is...
    Multithreading is correct, Brian. It is platform dependant. On UNIX/Linux systems, this is accomplished using pthreads. On Windows systems, I believe they are called WinThreads (not a windows guy, myself). I thought you would be out of luck trying threads in DOS (as your signature implies), but apparently there are DOS multithreading libraries out there (search Google for "DOS multithreading").
    Jason Deckard

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