Thread: Resize a Statically Allocated Array

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    Resize a Statically Allocated Array

    i get 20 in both outputs, y has the array not grown ?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main( void )
        int bytes[5];
        int * pBytes = bytes;
        pBytes = (int*)realloc( pBytes, 2 * sizeof( bytes ) ); // grow it 2x
        return 0;

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    What you did is allocate memory for pBytes. I don't know if this is ever guaranteed to work, as you used realloc() and pBytes had no memory allocated for it. I don't think you can change the size of a statically-allocated variable.

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    > pBytes = (int*)realloc( pBytes
    You can't resize an array.
    The only thing you can pass to realloc is the result of a previous malloc / calloc / realloc call.
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    so statically allocated arrays cannot be resized!

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