Thread: what could be wrong with this programming?

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    Question what could be wrong with this programming?

    # include <std.h>
    int main ()
             int x;
             for(x=0; x<10; x++){
            printf(" %d/n" , x)
           return 0;
    was trying out the loope for and compiled this simple programme bt i dont understand what the output means. pls, could someone compile it and let me know what the problem could be?

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    1. Learn how to indent
    2. Each number you see (when it's compiled) will be the 0-based iteration number, ie, it starts at 0, then runs again 1, then 2 and so on... really look at a C tutorial regarding for loops...

    And what problem?
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    #include <stdio.h>
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    > printf(" &#37;d/n" , x)
    If you actually have output, then it would be from a different program, not this one.
    This line is missing a ; and the / should be \

    Try to post code which you actually tried, and the actual output you got.

    Posting paraphrased code and "it doesn't work" won't get you much quality information.
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    look at a C tutorial regarding for loops...
    Here's one.

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    Even if the others said it before, I am saying it all in one

    Fisrst of all, If u do not want to indent, because C does not require it( I reccomend u to learn it), u can just put all of te code on no indent!

    Second, From what I see, You know nothing about C, no offence! I do not know much myself!

    And third, as a good practice, write your own code, don't just copy!

    As Keringham and Ritchie said, and many others, "You can only learn to program in a language, just by writing programs in it"

    Writing code is a very good practice

    Sry for any offence and I hope you will take these people's advice and learn C!
    It is a fascinating language!

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