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    function return array

    Well, we have two simple 1-dimensional arrays. We need to merge them inside a function and that function should return new formed(merged) array and we have to display that new array inside main () function. But without use of structures. For me problem is how does function returns array?

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    Pass a pointer to where you want the result stored as the 3rd parameter of the function.

    If you want to, you can return that 3rd parameter if you want.
    Just look at say strcat() which does exactly this.
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    Pass around the pointer and size of the array (assuming it's not a string). But be careful not to declare it as an array of pointers... It's going to more than likely require the dynamic allocation of arrays (for the 3rd array at least), the FAQ should be able to help you out. Judging by your wording it's homework.

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    Thx mates. You've really helped. Solved.

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    For me problem is how does function returns array?
    This is how it does

    char * Merge(char *arr1, char *arr2)
    { ..
       return strcat(arr1,arr2);
    This is only for strings.For int array u will have deal with it diff. Which zacs7 has explained


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