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    Seg- faults

    Hmm.. Something tells me I have to get back to K&R this weekend. Found a similar question in some C aptitude test , Not able to explain why it segfaults ..

    # include<stdio.h>
    # include<string.h>
    # include<stdlib.h>
    struct ping{
     char *name;
     int len;
    struct ping hunt1;
    struct ping *hunt2;
    int main()
     char *test1;
    printf( " enter some string <10 chars \n");
    printf(" test1 =%s\n",test1);
    printf(" len test1 =%d\n",strlen(test1));;
    printf(" = %s\n",;
    printf("hunt1.len = %d\n",hunt1.len);
    printf("hunt2->name = %s\n",hunt2->name);
    printf("hunt2->len = %d\n",hunt2->len);
     return 0;
    output :
     enter some string <10 chars
     test1 =asdf
     len test1 =4 = asdf
    hunt1.len = 4
    Segmentation fault
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    hunt2 is not initialized pointer (due to global var - it is null pointer) you cannot dereferense it without allocating space first
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    Still working on the idea of indentation then I see
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    FYI :
    That was not even my code...
    I did write this one :
    In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity

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