Thread: Problem about Creating structure

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    Problem about Creating structure

    hi all, i've little problem about structure creating, loot at this first..
    struct student
      int score;
    struct student *creat()
      struct student *head;
      head = (struct student *)malloc (sizeof (struct student));
      scanf("%d", &head->score);   /* my problem is here*/
      return (head);
    int main()
      struct student *pointer;
      pointer = creat();
    if i don't have a misconception, head is a pointer, it just receives an address from malloc(), and it points to an empty space created by malloc(). but here
    head = (struct student *)malloc (sizeof (struct student));
    scanf("%d", &head->score);
    i don't understand : head->score.
    did we declare a varible -score while mallocing space?
    if not, how can we input a number to it(score)?

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    Apart from casting the result of malloc (which is poor form in C, see the FAQ), it looks fine.

    > i don't understand : head->score.
    It's basically the same as
    struct student var;
    scanf("%d", &head.score);

    Except you're dealing with a pointer to a struct rather than a struct (hence the -> in place of .)
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    scanf("%d", &(head->score));
    I'm not sure about the precedence so i use extra parentesis.

    maybe it interpreted it like:

    Which makes no sense.

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    Which makes no sense.
    One of the reasons that the precision of operators was choosen in a way that the code


    does make sense
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