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    C related file extensions

    what is the file extension for an expanded source code file <after the macros expansions have been replaced in the source code> ?

    i expect the expanded source code to be ".c" itself, however, YK refers to it by a ".i" extension - things in YK are hard to believe, can some1 elucidate on that

    What other extensions are used wrt. to C Programming?

    .h -> header
    .c -> source file
    .o -> object file

    anything else?

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    objects can be .obj (on windows for example)
    .lib - for libraries
    .dll - for dynamic-linked libraries
    .exe - for executables
    .mak - for make files
    .asm - for generated assemble units
    .dsp - for IDE projects
    .dsw - for IDE workspaces
    .sln - for IDE workspaces (solutions)
    .rc - for resource file scripts
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    GCC flows likes this:

    program.c -> preprocesses into
    program.i -> compiles into
    program.s -> assembles into
    program.o -> links into

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    Thank you !

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    > what is the file extension for an expanded source code file
    Read your compiler documentation.
    .c is the standard input file type, but anything which is an intermediate or output file is going to be system specific in some way.
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