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    String copy


    Is it ok to make a copy of my string like this?

    char *s1 = malloc(sizeof(char)*6);
    char *s2 = malloc(sizeof(char)*6);

    /* do some processing on s1 */

    s2 = s1;

    or do i need to use that string copy function?

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    No, you need to use either strcpy or memset (or even a simple while loop).
    What the above does just allocates 6 bytes and then lets it leak, as well, no copying takes place other than address location values.

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    s1 is a pointer, s2 is a pointer.

    If you assign the value of one pointer to another pointer, you've just changed the value of a pointer, not done anything with an array of char's.

    In C, why not use strcpy(), to copy a string?

    This function, strcpy() should *leap* right out at you as something to use perhaps, to copy a string, automatically; just in a moment ==> strcpy() to copy strings.

    I have tried to use strcpy to race homing pigeons, fix engines and tires, and provide marital counseling --> didn't work! Use it to copy strings; it's all it's good for!

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