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    Segment woes

    //TJ Wright 11 3
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main ()
    int m, count=0,n[30];
    printf("Enter the numbers, one per line");
    scanf("%d",&n[m]);/* input up to 20 integers, one per line, the sentinel is 0
    		  each of the numbers will be less than 2^30.*/
    for (m=1;m<=count;m++)
    if statements asking if there is a number n such that all the integers
    are in the segment [n, n+32767]. If there is such a number, print the largest
    such n. If there is not, determine if there is a number n such that
    all but  1 of the integers is in the segment [n,n+32767]. If there is such
    a number, print the largest such. If there is no such, determine if there is
    such an n so that all but two of the intervals are in the interval and print
    the largest such. Continue this way until n is found.*/
    return 0;
    The second comment paragraph is the purpose of the program. I can't wrap my head around the logic of it, I cant figure out how I'd apply c programming to solve the problem.

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    That link provided doesnt go to a thread

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    It does now.
    Next time, press "edit post" rather than reposting with a bit of text you forgot to add.
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