Thread: Help I'm dying linked structures

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    Help I'm dying linked structures

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    Well, for one thing...
    	if (header->next == NULL){
    		header = (list_type*)malloc(sizeof(list_type)); just lost your old header.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msdn
    Linker Tools Error LNK1120

    number unresolved externals

    Error LNK1120 gives you a count (number) of unresolved externals for this link. The conditions that cause unresolved externals are described with error LNK2001, which precedes this error message (once for each unresolved external).
    Usually means one of the following.
    - You didn't implement the function
    - You didn't spell it right, or get the case right ( foo != Foo for example)
    - For C++, the parameters don't match.

    > new = (list_type *) malloc ( sizeof (list_type) );
    See the FAQ on casting (or rather, not casting) malloc in C.
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