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    Hash function

    Hi to all!

    I want to make a hash table using a hash function.

    I do:

    #define array_size 100
    struct hello {
    char *name;
    struct hello *next;
    int number = 0;
    int hash_function(char *name,int number)
    int x = number % array_size;
    return x;
    int main() {
    int l = hash_function("Good morning",number);
    Has anyone to suggest me another hash funtion using the char *name as a key and not an integer like number, in order an index of the hash table to be produced?
    Because the one i have made it's not a hash funtion

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    The hash result computes some value based on the data.
    int notAVeryGoodHash ( const char *str ) {
      int result = 0;
      while ( *str ) {
        result += *str++;
      return result &#37; array_size;
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