Thread: working with com port..

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    working with com port..

    Hi Friends,

    i am a new guy to c language..
    for my project i need to receive the value from com port throeugh rs232 cable from microp..

    after recerive i need to send back again..

    so if anybody sourcecode for this please pass to em..

    or you have any function receivebyte functiion(receive byte from microp) and sendbyte function (to microp)...please forward me.

    i can use that function then i can communicate ..

    i am really expecting your help in this..

    waiting for your valuable reply...

    with regards,

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    And what OS is it?
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    Nothing a bit of research wouldn't cure either.

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    I can give you a idea about, but i dont have any code for this.

    See everytime data transfer occurs it happens through a file. Means, u write on a file and device connected from com port reads data from that file. same happens vice versa when u hav to read some thing from com port.

    Some basic steps are initialize all ports of COM. then set some flags and then start reading and writing.

    i hope this much can help you out.
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