Thread: I don't even know how to describe this error, but I need urgent help please!

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    I don't even know how to describe this error, but I need urgent help please!

    My application has a series of menus with games selection, right now, there's only 2 games available which I'll call game A and game B for now. If I start game B on the list, play it, then go back to the main menu and play game A, it crashes right after I select the difficulty level. It doesn't crash if it's the first game to be played. It also doesn't crash if I play game A first when I start the application, then play game B and then play again game A, only in the previous situation. I'm using ncurses and coding on Linux.

    Here's the error:

    I can't really post any code cause the whole code is very large at the moment and that is not even a specific error and I don't know where to start debugging... Any hints trying to find where the error is are very appreciated.

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    Go into your system status and see how the memory is before and after the game B has run. Sounds like in the case where it runs before Game A, the exit is not proper, and there is a huge memory leak or some thread from the game, left still running.

    Aside from memory being watched, I'd look at the "top" command in a terminal window and see what's still running, both before and after the Game B is run before Game A.

    Obviously, there's a huge difference between how they're exiting when game A is run first, and how it's exiting after Game B is run first.

    I don't program in Linux, so that's all I can suggest.

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    Why did that need an image of an unformatted screen to an ad-riddled hosting site?

    Couldn't you have taken like 10 more seconds to copy your terminal screen into a text editor, tidy it up a bit and just post that?

    If you're having trouble collecting stdio, then consider using the 'script' command.

    For debugging, look at valgrind or electric fence.
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