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    Skip line in file - fscanf

    I'm making a program to read data from a table but the top row of the table will be headers, which i dont want to be read. Is there any way to skip the top line in the file?

    Heres my code:
    	if((fptr = fopen("table.txt", "r")) == NULL) //Open file.
    	    MessageBox(NULL, "Could not open the table file.", "noori_cw.exe", MB_OK); //error message.
    		return EXIT_FAILURE;
    	fscanf(fptr, "%d", &masknum); //Get number of mask textures to load.
    	for(i = 0; i < masknum; i++) //load mask info.
    		fscanf(fptr, "%s", &maskname[i]);
    Thanks for any help

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    Just call fgets() to read the line.
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    Cheers, sorted it now

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