Thread: fork() inside a thread

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    fork() inside a thread

    Hi all,

    It is possible to call a fork() cmd inside a thread?
    I couldn't find any documentation on this.


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    Of course it's "possible".
    Whether it's a good idea or not remains to be seen.
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    what is the situation when u need(want) to fork a thread.
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    If that is a question in general, yes definitely you can call fork inside a thread.

    If you dont have multiple threads in your code you call fork() from your main thread!
    So it isn't a requirement to specify about calling fork() from a thread as it doesn't have to do much with threads.
    But it remains to be seen whether calling fork() from a specific thread in your code effects the performance of your code or not.
    If you have a specific problem, do state it.

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