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    Undefined Symbol problem

    Hi, I am working on a C program and I got the following function:

    int printCount(char* fileName)
            struct Node* current;
            current = head;
            int unique = 0;
            int total = 0;
            printf("filename: %s\n\n", fileName);
            printf("COUNT | WORD\n");
            while (current)
                    unique +=1;
                    total +=current->count;
                    printf("%5d | %s\n", current->count, current->word);
                    current = current->next;
            printf("Number of Unique words found in %s is %d\n", fileName,
            printf("Total number of words in %s is %d\n", fileName, total);
    I am compiling this code with the SUN cc compiler and it gives me the following errors on these lines:

    ' int unique = 0;'
    syntax error before or at: int

    'unique +=1;'
    undefined symbol: unique

    'total +=current->count;'
    undefined symbol: total

    'printf("Number of Unique words found in %s is %d\n", fileName,
    undefined symbol: unique

    'printf("Total number of words in %s is %d\n", fileName, total);'
    undefined symbol: total

    When I compile this program with the Unix gcc compiler it doesn't give me any errors, but as soon as I compile it with the cc compiler it throws me those "undefined symbol" errors. Does anyone know why?

    Thank you.

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    Could it have anything to do with the fact that you don't declare those variables before you assign something to current?

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    current = head;
    Where has head come from? I'm assuming it's a global var...

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