Thread: Putchar() to print an integer value?

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    Putchar() to print an integer value?

    Ok, I swear my book is wrong here.

    int main ( void )
       int amount = 65;
       printf("Value of amount %d", amount);
    	putchar( 65 ); /*putchar prints the character value of an entered integer*/
       return 0;
    The above is correct, as function putchar() takes integer 65 and prints A as its character equivelent. But then the book asks me to re-write the above as an exercise so putchar prints the value stored in integer variable amount. I was always told putchar cannot output integers, it can olnly read them in and then translate them to the character value. Is my book wrong here?
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    hmm... perhaps the idea is to get you to convert 65 to '6' and '5' and putchar() those?
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    Could be right, Il give that a go. Thanks laserlight.
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