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    This is the code i wrote...plz make it work for me
    No, Point out your specific problems.

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    > fgets(input, 7, stdin);
    Well you could start by not lying to fgets() about the true size of your buffers.

    fgets(input, sizeof input, stdin);

    > next = next->nextBook;
    What are you trying to do here?

    Hint: you also need a pointer to the head of the list.

    > which is to be submitted tommorrow
    Tough - email yourself a message to last week to tell yourself to get off your arse and start work on the problem. We're not here to catch your "hail mary" pass into the endzone in the hopes that someone will rescue you from your procrastination.
    It's a shame really. If you'd arrived with a few days to go and this start, there would have been plenty of time to get you sorted out.
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