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    Generally, rewriting printf is a waste of your time btw. You could hack it, but the type checking would never be as strict as the standard one (without fundamentally changing how it's called anyway) which is pretty much useless to you.
    Yes I know it would be a waste of time, (= But I think if I tried a project like that once I finished it I'd have a deeper understanding of the c language also I think it would be better if i know why the functions work and how they work, or at least it would be better than just using something just because at least thats how i look at it =)
    Thank you for your post (=

    With all the help I am being given maybe soon I can start answering others questions (=

    Also anyone know where the rest of the "hidden boards" are, im really bored and I must post in all of them (=
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    C library functions work by calling O/S specific functions eventually down the line. Those O/S functions are called system calls usually for *nix based systems. For Windows, they're generally just called Windows API functions.

    If you are trying to find out what goes on under the hood of a C library function like printf(), I'd look into writing programs that interface directly with the O/S. For *nix systems, it's write(). For Windows it's something like WriteConsole() (or some variant or whatever the real one is called).

    If you can figure out how to write a hello world application using O/S specific items, you could expand to do other things. Windows has functions to do all kinds of things with a console program, including reading off mouse events.

    Obviously this isn't quite portable, but if the idea is to learn what the C standard library is doing, this is probably one way to learn a little bit about it.

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