Thread: dynamic memory allocation char array

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    dynamic memory allocation char array


    Im trying to dynamically allocated the number of elements to my char array. Whats the best way to do this.. maybe something like this?

    int sizeofarray = 10;

    char *myarray = malloc(sizeof(char)*sizeofarray);

    then i need to access the array normally like myarray[9] = 'g';

    am i on the right track?

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    yep, but remember that sizeof(char) == 1, so its pretty redundant, for example:

    char * myarray;
    const unsigned short int myarray_size = 10;
    if((myarray = malloc(myarray_size)) == NULL)
        perror("malloc failed");
    /* do as you will with myarray, remember to stay in bounds tho! */

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    Unless you adopt the idiomatic
    p = malloc ( num * sizeof *p );

    which works for all types, and saves you having to think about exceptions to rules who's only side effect is to save a bit of typing.
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