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    Question related to enum

    Hi to all!

    I'm confused as far as "enum" is concerned!

    typedef struct TableRecord {
    union {
    variable* var;
    function* fun;
    } t;
    enum symbolType;  /* What does enum do here with the variable symbolType??? */
    } TableRecord;
    Thanks in advance

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    It doesn't do anything, or perhaps it's a forward declaration for the enum symbolType.

    Perhaps it would help if you knew what an enum was:

    enums have much the same syntax as structs and unions. An enum has the basic form
    enum tag {
    } variable;
    If the tag is present, it declares the enum as a type, but it doesn't actually create a variable. If the variable nam is present, an instance of the enu is declared, but you can't reference the enum type anywhere else because it doesn't have a tag. Both the tag and the variable can be present. (You can get anonymous enums, too, with neither a tag nor a variable name.) And you can have multiple variable names, just like structures.

    The data in the enum is a list of names, with this basic form:
    enum { value1, value2, valueN } ;
    The first is assigned zero, unless you change it:
    enum {
        two = 2,
    Succeeding values are one greater than the previous value, unless they are also assigned a value.
    enum {
        negative = -1,
        positive = 1

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