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    Cool scanf problem

    When I use the following method to input numbers, it is seen that the compiler /linker takes 11 inputs from the user.

    scanf("%d", &a[i]);

    However when i use the following way to scan the numbers, it is seen that the compiler/linker behaves as expected. i.e 10 inputs are taken from the user.
    scanf(""%d", &a[i]);

    My question, is why the disparity. Why does the user have to input 11 numbers, despite running the loop 10 times.

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    for(initializers; condition; aux)

    So you mean
    for(i = 0; i < 10; i++)
        scanf("&#37;d", &a[i]);
    You may also want to read the manual regarding scanf(), use sscanf() instead.

    Other than that, the result is logical. while(i--) means basically: while((i - 1)) hence 10, instead of 11 as seen in the for loop... probably related to scanf.

    int i = 10;
    do {
        printf("loop %d\n", i);
    } while(i--);
    Notice the loop is run before i is touched,

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