Thread: SSH Secure Shell to Microsoft Development Environment

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    SSH Secure Shell to Microsoft Development Environment

    I took a programming course at my college and we used SSH Secure Shell to program in C. It got me really intrested and now I am starting to program at home. Problem is my home computer has Microsoft Development Environment.

    I tried download SSH but the server is gone, so can anyone reccomend any tutorials of Microsoft Development Environment?

    atleast how do you compile and run your program? The option is grayed out on my computer.

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    well you could download a Dev-C++ compiler which is freely available on the Internet. The very user friendly IDE and it is really very good, unless they update quite often.

    I is very good for any beginners.


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    hmm... you used SSH to program? More likely you used some compiler at the command line via SSH.

    ssharish2005 suggested Dev-C++, but the compiler behind that is the MinGW port of GCC, which comes with MSYS, an environment that may be similiar to what you used at the command line from SSH.

    If you are indeed looking for SSH for Windows, then you might try PuTTY.
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