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    counting nodes BST

    How do I count the nodes? i have got so far :
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <assert.h>
    typedef int data_t;		/* For a tree of ints */
    #include "treeops.c"
    main ()
    	int value, size=0;
    	tree_t *tree;
    	node_t *result;
    	tree = make_empty_tree ();
    /** your experimentatation code goes here **/
    	printf("Enter some value onto a tree for testing: ");
    	while (scanf("%d", &value)!=EOF)
    		tree = insert_in_order (tree, value);	
    	size = tree_size(tree);
    	printf("The size of the tree is: ");
    	printf("%d", size);
        /** Clean up the mess **/
    	free_tree (tree);
    	tree = NULL;
        /** Exit gracefully **/
    	return (EXIT_SUCCESS);
    tree_size(tree_t *tree) {
    	node_t *ptr;
    	ptr = tree->root;
    	return num_nodes(ptr);
    num_nodes(node_t *root) {
    	if (root==NULL)
    		return 0;
    		return (1 + num_nodes(root->left) + num_nodes(root->right));		
    *insert_in_order (tree_t *tree, data_t value)
    	/* make new node */
    	node_t *new;
    	new = malloc (sizeof (node_t));
    	assert (tree!=NULL && new!=NULL);
    	new->data = value;
    	new->left = NULL;
    	new->right = NULL;
    	/* insert node in tree */
    	tree->root = recursive_insert (tree->root, new);
    	return tree;
    Is there a better way to write tree_size to not include num_nodes. I find tree_size hard to deal with because it is passed a tree_t pointer, not a node_t and so cant recurse

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    my bad, it does work, but i was inserting the same number into the tree.... is there an iterative method to count the nodes? I understand that recursion is specifiically for BST's, but there must be a method to do it iterativly...

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    Everything that's recursive can be done iteratively. But I can guarantee you it's not nearly as elegant.
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