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    A questions about structures

    Hello I'am writing a program and I used structures to make some user defined variables. Then I passed those variables to another function where a value was assigned to them. Now I want the values of those variables to be used in another function. How do I do that?

    Below is an example of what I did.

    typedef struct{
      float Fish;
      float Cotton;
      float Wood;
      float Coco;
      float Sugar;
      float Guns;
      float Textiles;
      float Tobacco;
      float Wine;
    int main()
       Goods_g G;
       other parts of the program is written here
    int function(Goods_g *G)
      G->Fish      = 50;
      G->Cotton = 80;
      G->Wood   = 100;
      G->Coco    = 140;
      G->Sugar = 350;
      G->Guns = 700;
      G->Textiles =1350;
      G->Tobacco =1900;
      G->Wine =2150;
    int Another_Function()
      how do I get the values of the individual elements sucn as Fish to use in this function without changing the values
    I apologies for the vagueness of the question and the information that I provided but I want to learn how to do this. If any body can help me and point me in the right direction I will be very grateful.

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    well your asking for the address of G...


    int main()
       Goods_g G;
        Goods_g * H;

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